On Balance Volume OBV

On Balance Volume OBV

November 9, 2020 Forex Trading 0

When the OBV is increasing and the price of the security is decreasing, it is considered a bearish divergence,… Granville first introduced the indicator in his book New Key to Stock Market Profits, which was reprinted in 2010. MACD, higher levels of the OBV indicator’s stronger momentum reinforces the current price trend. When the OBV diverges from the direction of a security’s price movement, it may be an early indicator of a pending trend change.

As with all indicators, it is necessary to use OBV in conjunction with other technical analysis tools. It is not a standalone indicator; it can be combined with basic pattern analysis or to confirm signals from momentum oscillators. Granville noted that the on balance volume study would often move before prices. Notice how BBY broke its downtrend line in late February and OBV confirmed with a resistance breakout in March.

on balance volume indicator

Analysts can use the indicator to predict large fluctuations in an asset’s price, by spotting anomalies in the OBV indicator that doesn’t match the price action. Moving average convergence/divergence is a momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. On-balance volume and theaccumulation/distribution lineare similar in that they are both momentum indicators that use volume to predict the movement of “smart money”. In the case of on-balance volume, it is calculated by summing the volume on an up-day and subtracting the volume on a down-day. Despite being plotted on aprice chartand measured numerically, the actual individual quantitative value of OBV is not relevant.

It works by keeping a running tally on volume according to the direction of a security. When the price of security increases, the volume adds to the running total making up the OBV figure. When the price of security decreases, the volume substracts from the running total making up the OBV figure. In the picture below, the OBV crosses below the Moving Average a few bars sooner than price crosses down below its moving average. Also, notice that the OBV continues to remain sloped down; staying below the moving average and giving no indication of a reversal. Since OBV is a leading indicator, it may produce forecasts.

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A trader would open a short position when price touches the bearish resistance line. There is a very unusual divergence when the indicator breaks through the highs, but the price chart doesn’t. I can explain it with the features of the on balance volume. Despite the high trading volume, the price doesn’t break through the high, which means selling pressure from large traders. The On Balance Volume is displayed at the bottom of the chart. The OBV line goes up when today’s closing price grows and goes down when yesterday’s closing price is higher than the current one.

You should look at the volume values and the price change. If the indicator values rise on an upward movement with more or less significant volumes and fall on a downward one, then it works correctly. However, it is recommended to use OBV index with other technical tools such as relative strength index, moving average, etc.

  • This is a modified OBV indicator that creates an oscillator by smoothing the difference between the value of the OBV and a short moving average of the OBV.
  • Both moved steadily higher from November 2009 until October 2010.
  • The formula’s calculation is simple, rising whenever volume on up days is greater than volume on down days and vice versa.
  • When combined with trendlines, OBV can often predict movements before they occur.

The formula used to create the accumulation/distribution (Acc/Dist) line is quite different than the OBV shown above. The formula for the Acc/Dist, without getting too complicated, is that it uses the position of the current price relative to its recent trading range and multiplies it by that period’s volume. Comparing relative action between price bars and OBV generates more actionable signals than the green or red volume histograms commonly found at the bottom of price charts. On-balance volume is a technical indicator of momentum, using volume changes to make price predictions. According to Granville, changes in volume – both in the amount of volume and in the trend of volume – are often a leading indicator of changes in a stock’s price.

A high OBV indicates positive volume pressure looking forward to higher prices. Likewise, decreasing OBV refers to negative volume pressure anticipating lower prices. The negative volume index integrates volume and price to graphically show how price movements are affected by down volume days.

Divergence: On Balance Volume Study

The OBV delivers diverse signals of trend continuation or trend reversal. They are the OBV line direction, divergence with the price chart, breakout of the important levels, or the trendline. https://forexhero.info/ Let us explore how to trade trend reversals on the example of IBM shares, where we can monitor how the stock price is fluctuating, due to positive and negative volume reversals.

To take the profit, we expect the reversal signal of the OBV indicator, bitcoin. The signal appears when the resistance level is broken out and the classical bullish divergence . The bitcoin OBV indicator signal is confirmed when there appears a long white candlestick . When the candlestick closes, we can exit the short trade and enter a long.

OBV is the helping indicator, that helps to uncover the smart money direction and helps you to go with it to make higher probability trades. You can compare the OBV indicator performance in Forex with other markets like stock or cryptocurrency, and you’ll find out it’s more useable on those markets. If the price is going to break a support level, then it should lose its current volume. OBV can help traders to understand whether the price is going to reverse or continue on its trend. On Balance Volume indicator can help you to identify a price trend. PrimeXBT products are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

on balance volume indicator

John Murphy’s Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets covers it all with explanations that are simple and clear. Murphy covers all the major charts patterns and indicators, including OBV. A complete chapter is devoted to understanding volume and open interest. These days breakout trading is not as easy as it was before, and many traders caught up in bull/bear traps. OBV can help traders almost easily to distinguish between a fake breakout or a real breakout.

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You enter as values for each bar the closing prices and the current ones separately. Default settings will suit, so you do not have to change anything. To confirm the settings, press the OK button at the bottom of the chart and you are ready to measure the trading volume of any asset like currency pairs, a stock price, etc. At the reversal point, there is a strong indicator momentum where the volume begins to fall. This signal means strong selling pressure, which confirms that the uptrend should soon turn to a significant bearish outcome. Traders can use this tool to measure any asset’s trading volume, by collecting multiple market data and providing a detailed analysis of stock charts, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

on balance volume indicator

This is one of the advantages of the life of a programmer. Sometimes it can show the signal of a price breakout before it happens. In this case, bears took control of price and increased the selling pressure which caused the price to break down. While he only applied his new volume indicator to the analysis of stocks, it has since been used by traders in other financial trading markets, such as commodity futures and forex trading.

Plotting Support and Resistance Lines With OBV

If on-balance volume rises when price rises, then you can confirm an upward trend and the volume moves to support the price growth. If the on balance volume crosses above or below the OBV Moving Average, or if there is Positive or Negative Divergence. As a final touch, I have added a change to price candles when there is a divergence between the on balance volume study and price action. On Balance Volume is available in SharpCharts as an indicator. After selecting, OBV can be positioned above, below or behind the price plot of the underlying security. Positioning it behind the plot makes it easy to compare OBV with the underlying security.

Confirming Bearish Retests of Resistance With Multiple Bearish Divergences

If OBV fails to go past its previous rally high, then this is a negative divergence, suggesting a weak move. There are various technical indicators that have made the analysis of the financial markets remarkably easy. While price action showed indecision and crosses above the moving average before crossing back below the average and moving lower. The OBV would keep a trader out of this trade, perhaps avoiding the price crossover signal. This low volume confirmation signaled to the trader that new money was not supporting this higher move in price.

Volume Price Trend Indicator: Full Guide

OBV can be used to confirm a price trend, upside breakout or downside break. The chart for Best Buy shows three confirming signals as well as confirmation of the price trend. OBV and BBY local businesses hiring near me moved lower in December-January, higher from March to April, lower from May to August and higher from September to October. Volume figures were rounded off and are shown in 1000’s.

With the help of these charts, you will be able to carry out the same analysis as in the trading terminal. The OBV shows the sentiment of big traders and the crowd to predict a bullish or bearish momentum. We research technical analysis patterns so you know exactly what works well for your favorite markets.

It is plain to see the dramatic change in trends in this chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Index from Dec 2000 to Oct 2001. The trends were reversed abruptly and with conviction, as the turmoil of the political and corporate environment led the news headlines that year. If today’s close is greater than yesterday’s close, then today’s volume is added to yesterday’s OBV, and is considered up volume.

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